Re: Space marker.


 There’s no other text? It just says space marker and you see those docs on your braille display? What was happening before this started? Also, what version of jaws are you running? And what version of Windows?  That was supposed to be dots. 


From: on behalf of Michael Munn <michaelrbms@...>
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2019 9:07 PM
Subject: Space marker.
hi all, today in school i experienced this problem with my school use computer. 
I opened the new document that were sent by my Science and Geography teacher at different times. When I opened both documents I get this message. Every time I press down arrow Jaws told me there is a space marker. and my Braille display  showed the Symbol of dot 4 and Dot1-6 sign. Can someone please figure out what is this and how to trouble shoot? All comments are greatly appreciate it. 
best regards 
michael Munn 

Michael Munn
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