Re: What is this "new notification" message I cannot access?

Steve Nutt

Hi Brian,


Actually, if I am a fan boy of anything, it’s Window-Eyes, but that now no longer works well with latest versions of Windows 10.


Window-Eyes had features that JAWS still doesn’t dream of, but that’s another story.


But having used screen readers for years and years, right from the Vocal-Eyes days for DOS, I can tell you that VoiceOver lacks a whole load of real screen reading functionality.


All the best




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On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 12:25 PM, Steve Nutt wrote:

As I said, the screen reader [VoiceOver], is also inferior to JAWS

All I can say, Steve, is that you are among the JAWS fanboys.  I am not.

After more than a decade of dealing with JAWS I know it has its pluses and minuses and works better in some settings and not so well in others.

I tell all my students that I tutor in JAWS that they would be well advised to learn another screen reader, at least for basic tasks, in addition to JAWS [and, I hasten to add, were I tutoring NVDA or Narrator would say the same].  I haven't seen a single one of them not get stuck somewhere that, for whatever reason, an alternative doesn't.

For me, while JAWS is the granddaddy of them all, it is not and never has been the ne plus ultra of screen readers.  At least not for a number of years now.

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