Re: Steps to unzip a zipped file bundle?


I mostly unzip books to my Milestone MP3 player and do this by

Finding the item in Windows Explorer which I wish to unzip;
Press the context key or f10 and arrow down to "extract";
Shift tab back to brows and press enter;
Shift tab until I find where I want the item to be extracted to (usually my
g drive and then I have folders called book1, book2 etc. so then I either
press enter on this or right arrow to open it;
I then tab forward and press the spacebar to confirm where I want the item
unzipped to.
And lastly, tab to extract - and wait!!

This sounds quite convoluted compared to other suggestions - but it works
for me.

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Hello David,

That is usually very straight-forward; here is how I do it. I am giving
generic instructions, since this will vary depending upon the version of

1. Through Windows/File Explorer, create a new folder, and copy the zipped
file into that folder.
2. Highlight the file, then Use the applications key (right click, shift
F12, dedicated key, all work the same), and choose an option to unzip in the
current location. You may need to tab through and review a few options, but
generally the defaults are good. Press okay or unzip, whatever the button
is labeled.

That should do it.

Good luck,
Tim Ford

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Subject: Steps to unzip a zipped file bundle?

Hello list:

Have come across a bundle of zipped mp3/recording tutorial files which I
would like to listen to individually, but need the step-by-step procedure to

do this.

Most sincerely,

David S. Pearson

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