Re: annual subscription for Canadian users


Hi Cynthia,


I am also in Canada. What version of Jaws are you using now? At this point buying the SMA is still cheaper than the annual subscription as long as you are using a very recent Jaws version like 2018. If of course you are two or 3 versions behind you would have to first get caught up which is more costly. I would just call Vispero at 1-888-444-4440 and ask who you should call in Canada, I can’t remember who is the Canadian distributor or if there is more than one. I have always renewed my SMA once I used up the last upgrade and have been doing so ever since this system was implemented. I started using Jaws for DOS back in 1989 and moved to Jaws for Windows when it was first released and, as I said, always bought the SMA because I rely on Jaws for running my business and need access to whatever the latest improvements are. In my opinion that strategy has always served me well and I certainly am not one of the people who think if somebody bought Jaws maybe 20 or 25 years ago or, as in my case, 30 years ago, that I should get free updates for the rest of my life. No company could stay in business with that sort of approach unless they were completely funded by government, donations or other sources. It’s easy for Apple to develop and offer a free screenreader because the Millions it takes each year to pay the people who are developing it are literally the tiniest drop in their revenue bucket where most of the money comes from the sale of hardware and other services.





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Subject: annual subscription for Canadian users


Hello Again,


I see on the Freedom Scientific E-store that the annual subscription is only available for US users. If I try to download is it really going to block me because I am in Canada? It seems so much more cost effective to do the subscription at work, and it might actually help me keep up since we are using Office 365 at the university where I teach. Any thoughts?





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