Re: JAWS 17 and Chrome


When it comes to combo boxes there are a lot of differences with any browser. I have encountered combo boxes which for some reason close every time you arrow down and you can basically only go one item at a time, others behave better if you use Alt + Up Arrow to open them instead of enter and for some I have to do a screen refresh, Jaws Key + Escape, and a say line, Jaws Key + Numpad 8, to then read what it says.


As for PDF files, try the button quick nav key, b, you typically find a download button which downloads the PDF. The thing is with Chrome that it opens PDF files and you can read them in Chrome (if they are accessible) and if you want to read them with Adobe Acrobat you have to download them and then open them from File Explorer. Sometimes I have to tab once or twice before I’m actually in the PDF document before I can then find the Download button.

I am not sure if there is a way to change a

Setting in Chrome which always opens PDF files in Acrobat Reader,.





From: <> On Behalf Of Cynthia Bruce
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 1:56 AM
Subject: JAWS 17 and Chrome


Hi All,


I just started using chrome for most of my browsing, but I am encountering a couple of issues. First, JAWS doesn’t seem to be reading anything in list or combo boxes when I hit enter to go into them. I have to arrow down and then exit for it to read what I have selected. Second, I can’t seem to locate, or open, PDF documents. When I click on one, I hear “open embedded document”. When I click on that, I have no idea how to get to the actual document and read it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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