Re: annual subscription for Canadian users


in one of the fairly recent FSCasts, Eric mentioned that FS is working
on the annual subscription plan for Canada, and your guess as to when
it'll become available is as good as mine. based on this, I don't think
you'll be blocked, it simply wouldn't be working yet.

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From: Cynthia Bruce []
Sent: Wed, Feb 20, 2019 5:06 AM EST
Subject: annual subscription for Canadian users

Hello Again,

I see on the Freedom Scientific E-store that the annual subscription is
only available for US users. If I try to download is it really going to
block me because I am in Canada? It seems so much more cost effective to
do the subscription at work, and it might actually help me keep up since
we are using Office 365 at the university where I teach. Any thoughts?



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