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Adrian Spratt

My numpad also won't speak the JAWS function for the 5 key. I haven't found
a solution. I suppose you could go around to your local Radio Shack and try
different numpads in case one does work correctly. Or maybe someone on the
list has an external numpad that performs all JAWS functions and can post
the model information.

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Yes, I have tried this with the Num Lock turned off on the numeric key pad.
And all the number keys function like their suppose to I think? Here's a
list of what I got that's functional:
1 - End.
2 - Down arrow.
3 - Page down.
4 - Left arrow.
5 - Does nothing.
6 - Right arrow.
7 - Home.
8 - Up arrow.
9 - Page up.

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I don't have a Win7 machine, but when I've used JFW on a laptop with an
external numeric keypad plugged in, I had to make sure the Num Lock was off
so the numeric keypad could function the way it would on a full-sized
keyboard. Have you tried this?


On 1/24/2012 1:59 AM, Dondi wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I have a Dell Latitude e6510 laptop and I'm using a external number
key pad with it. Does anybody have any experience with this type of
setup? My number pad works fine for numbers but when I try to use it
for in conjunction with JAWS I run in to limitations. Such as today I
was trying to get JAWS to read letters phonetically but when I pressed
the number five key twice it didn't work. In fact nothing works when
it comes to the number five key. If I press it once JAWS won't read
the letter the cursor is on. I have access to a full size keyboard
that I can plug in and do all this with, so I know it works just like
it's suppose too. But do to space constraints using this keyboard with
laptop on a daily bases isn't practical.

Windows 7, 32 bit.

JAWS 13 / 12.


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