ICloud for Windows and JAWS

Barbara <batterseye@...>

Hello Everyone


I have some files on my IPhone which I wish to transfer to my Windows 7 computer.  The files are currently located in the Files folder on my IPhone.  It was suggested I use ICloud for Windows.  I have never used it before.  I had it on my computer from some unknown cause in the past.  Anyhow, I opened the program and it requested my Apple ID and password.  I provided that.  Then nothing clear is happening.  I pressed insert-W and it gave me a list of basic windows hot keys.  I tabbed some and got something which said check box but did not let me know what it was for.  I can tab to various things.  One was storage.  I went into that and could not figure it out as I tabbed around. 


Note I am using JAWS 2019.


Any tips on how to use this program?  I also have a second computer which is Windows 10, so if the tips are different for each OS, let me know both.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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