Re: trying to learn how to use Chrome, and having issues.

John Doering


Try this…

Open Crome.

Then control :l together.

This will put you in an edit field.

Type in either a web page i.e. or terms for a search.

Hit enter.

It should go to the web site if that is what you put in or if you used search terms, it will show you a Google results page.






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From: [] On Behalf Of Jim Rawls
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2019 1:00 PM
Subject: trying to learn how to use Chrome, and having issues.


Hi all,

I have the tutorial here, by David Moore. I have read it, and am still having issues. I can’t even get to a web site I want. So, I open Chrome. I hit the windows key up arrow to make sure that chrome is maximized. Then I try to type in the web site I want. And so I hit Control O, and before I can type in anything, I hear, OAKPT2. So I back space that out, and type in what I want. And I hear an ok button. So I hit the space bar, and nothing happens after that. I am running windows ten and jaws 2019. What the heck am I doing wrong? I want to use this browser as my default, but not if it is this hard to use. Jim

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