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Hi Dave,


Thanks for the reply. I’ll check that one out, as better to have something with some accessibility  than none at all. I’ll also keep hunting around to see if I find anything  which works or is a little smoother for a jaws/screen reader user.


Thanks for the help and advice.


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I used MS Project manager several years ago. I was able to enter data for the various steps and sub steps in the project, but was not able to actually "see" the flow diagram nor the fishbone diagram. With care and lots of trial and error I was able to use it, but not very efficiently.


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Subject: accessible project management/collaboration software




So I’m working on a project with some other people , one of the sighted members of the group has suggested we look into some project management software or online collaboration tool where we can all log what we’re doing/working on so others from the group can see  exactly what we  are all doing and our progress on that work. So just wondering if anyone from this group has used anything like this and has any suggestions for either an online tool or piece  of  software that would do this and work well with Jaws?





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