Re: using capslock with the desktop layout.

Van Lant, Robin

But when I used caps lock in desktop mode, it seemed that the insert key not longer acted as a JAWS key. I want both to be a JAWS key, since it's sometimes easier to hit one over the other for certain commands. That's why I ended up switching to the laptop layout.

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Ah yes, good thinking.

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Subject: useing capslock with the desktop layout.

you can use the capslock for the jaws key without haveing to change to the laptop layout.
on the other hand if you do this you have to use alt capslock when you really need to turn capslock on or off in this mode.
open the jaws settings center. then tab to the applications list and move to default all.
then , in the search box type desktop layout.
click on jaws desktop layout. you will find the option use insert. press the space bar on it to change it to capslock, . and save the changes.
then you can use capslock control f.
to use the capslock for your applications you have to press alt capslock to turn the actual capslock on or off.
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Or you could try the laptop layout. Then you wouldn't have to use that right hand little finger.

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There is a "sticky key" function with Jaws that allows you to press insert, then another key using one hand.


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Hello there:

Due to an injury to the little finger on my right hand, I find
keystrokes such as INSERT+CTRL a problem. Not only that, when you press
CTRL+F and type a search term on a page, I find that when you press
to activate the search function, it does not appear to take you to the result, if it finds it!

Dave Durber

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Yeah, ctrl-f activates the browser's find function and not JAWS's, I
noticed that as well. That's actually ok I think as that's the way
browsers are meant to function. Is it that much of a pain for you to
use insert-ctrl-f instead? You already have to do this in for
examplea dobe reader...

That said I'm sure you could remap the keystroke somehow. I don't
think jAWS has separate keyboard/script files for waterfox, and
that's why the virtual find doesn't work the same. You could
probably create one if you watned to.

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Subject: Using Waterfox

Hello everyone:

Using Windows 7 and JAWS Version 2018, I installed WaterFox on one
of my computers this morning.

So far, I have found one irritating thing, that is, When I press
CTRL+F, JAWS now says, "Search in page", followed by the word edit.

How can I apply the keystroke, INSERT+CTRL+F, which is the JAWS
search command to CTRL+F, instead.

So far, with the limited use I have had using this browser, I am
liking its speed and accessing the web pages I have visited.

Thank you in anticipation for any suggestions.


Dave Durber

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