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JM Casey

Or you could try the laptop layout. Then you wouldn't have to use that right
hand little finger.

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There is a "sticky key" function with Jaws that allows you to press insert,
then another key using one hand.


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Hello there:

Due to an injury to the little finger on my right hand, I find pressing
keystrokes such as INSERT+CTRL a problem. Not only that, when you press
CTRL+F and type a search term on a page, I find that when you press ENTER,
to activate the search function, it does not appear to take you to the
result, if it finds it!

Dave Durber

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Yeah, ctrl-f activates the browser's find function and not JAWS's, I
noticed that as well. That's actually ok I think as that's the way
browsers are meant to function. Is it that much of a pain for you to
use insert-ctrl-f instead? You already have to do this in for
examplea dobe reader...

That said I'm sure you could remap the keystroke somehow. I don't
think jAWS has separate keyboard/script files for waterfox, and
that's why the virtual find doesn't work the same. You could
probably create one if you watned to.

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Hello everyone:

Using Windows 7 and JAWS Version 2018, I installed WaterFox on one
of my computers this morning.

So far, I have found one irritating thing, that is, When I press
CTRL+F, JAWS now says, "Search in page", followed by the word edit.

How can I apply the keystroke, INSERT+CTRL+F, which is the JAWS
search command to CTRL+F, instead.

So far, with the limited use I have had using this browser, I am
liking its speed and accessing the web pages I have visited.

Thank you in anticipation for any suggestions.


Dave Durber

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