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Dave Durber

Hello Sieghard:

Thank you for your very precice instructions. My Dropbox file folder, has been moved from the system drive, to the f drive, using the same path structure.


Dave Durber

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Here is what I do, I am telling you what I press and include what Jaws said from speech history:

Press Jaws Key + F11 to bring up the system tray and arrow to Dropbox:
Dropbox 66.4.84 up to date, 5 of 14
Press enter and you should hear:
tray-window - press enter again on that and you hear:
Context Menu
Open Dropbox folder - I now down arrow through all the options:
Launch Dropbox website
Launch Dropbox Paper
Recently changed files sub menu
48.7% of 11.2GB used Unavailable
Get more space
Up to date Unavailable
Pause syncing
Snooze notifications sub menu
Help center
I suggest you definitely don't try to move the Dropbox folder because I doubt Dropbox would then work, you need to go into Preferences and tell Dropbox where you want the folder to be. So, arrow to Preferences and press enter.
Now use Control + Tab to find the "Sync" tab:
Dropbox Preferences
Account Tab
Import Tab
Bandwidth Tab
Proxies Tab
Notifications Tab
Sync Tab - press tab now, the first couple of times you won't hear anything, then you hear the following:
OK Enter Button - continue to press tab
Cancel Enter Button
Apply Enter Button
Selective Sync... Enter Select which folders sync to this computer: Select which folders you want to see on this computer. Any folders you unselect won't be shown on this computer, but you can still access them on
Move... Enter Dropbox folder location Choose where your Dropbox is located on your computer. All your Dropbox files will be saved in this folder.
Press enter on that and you should be able to specify the new location.


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Subject: I am having a problem exiting Dropbox

Hello everyone:

I would like to move the dropbox folder from drive C to Drive f on my system.

However, when I open the Task Tray and highlight the Dropbox icon and press ENTER, to open the Dropbox item, then press the SPACEBAR, to open the "GEAR"
menue item, I cannot find the "Exit" button to close Dropbox, so I can then move the Dropbox folder to the new location.

I am running Windows 7 Professional and I am using JFW 2018.

Any suggestions will be very helpful.


Dave Durber

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