Re: Keyboard Malfunction

Chris Hill

I can't think of any setting that could explain your problem.  Sounds to me like the keyboard is failing.  Plug in an external keyboard instead.

On 2/14/2019 10:00, Ed Culpepper wrote:

Hi –

I have a totally perplexing problem with my Acer Aspire netbook. The keyboard is malfunctioning. For example, the keys down the left side of the keyboard (Escape, tilde, Tab, Caps-lock) all say “Escape” when pressed. Keys d, f, c say “5.” Keys k, l, I say “dash.” Arrow up says “F10,” and other arrow keys say “Home.” I assume that I inadvertently clicked some option while exploring settings, but I have no idea what or where that option might be. The touch pad allows my sighted wife to navigate the computer, but her tech skills are very limited. Anybody have a suggestion for returning standard keyboard functionality? Do I need to start in safe mode to get where I need to go to make a change? I hope to avoid having to take the dated netbook to a repair shop, given the typical cost of a repair call and the market value of the netbook.

I will be delighted to take conversation about this problem off the list if you have info to share and don’t want to clutter more Jaws-specific list space.

Many thanks – Ed Culpepper

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