Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

thomas f dinkel

The vast majority of developers that I am in contact with see Chrome as the “only browser that matters“ and the browser that everyone should be using.

They came for the built-in development tools, they stayed for the convenience of having google store all of their information in one place (and they think that’s a feature).

I hear “Firefox is an edge-case” and “Firefox is disappearing“ so do we really need to make it work in Firefox?

Now that MS Edge is going to be running Chrome (Chromium) under the hood, there are even less browser options for us.

So, to people I care about, I encourage them to do this one small thing to help protect their personal information: make Firefox your default browser.

Google makes pretty good stuff, but it isn’t free; we pay by giving them our information.

Sorry, that was more than you asked for.

Take care,

On Feb 13, 2019, at 1:37 PM, JM Casey <> wrote:

What sort of grief do you get?

When did firefox fall out of favour with developers?
Or certain developers at least...

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Subject: Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

Different browsers work better for different sites sometimes.

I highly recommend Firefox as a person’s default and then Chrome if one needs to fall back to another option.

I get grief from my developer friends, but my feeling is that Firefox is made for the benefit of people, Chrome is made for the benefit of Google.

Just some thoughts.

Take care,

On Feb 9, 2019, at 1:56 PM, Richard Turner <> wrote:

I use Firefox latest version with Jaws 2018 and have no issues.
Some folks like Chrome.
The best browser is the one you can use and feel comfortable with.
Does the training organization have a preference?

Other than IE, of course.


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Subject: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

I am going to be receiving some in depth computer training in preparation for vocational training services. Since Internet Explorer is no longer secure, what is the best browser out there that is JAWS friendly? I have used fire fox in the past, but as of late I have heard mixed views about fire fox.
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