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Randy Meyer

Thanks, it just started two days ago. I never had a problem before that. I upgraded to windows 10 version 1809 around a week ago, which could be the problem.

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I use Chrome for 99.9% of all web browsing both personally as well as for my business where I often need to research products, go to supplier order sites and so on and I don't even recall Chrome ever doing this. I can go both to as well as and do a search and it never kicks me out, I have no idea why it is doing this on your computer.

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This is a long known issue when JAWS is on with various sites chrome just closes.
I am using an earlier version of JAWS. I thought it is fixed in latest versions.

On 2/13/19, Randy Meyer <> wrote:
When using Google Chrome and searching Amazon, I am getting
consistently knocked out of Chrome and the internet. I enter some
words in the search box in Amazon, hit enter, and I am kicked out of
the internet, or I am unable to see the search results.

I am using Jaws 2019 and windows 10 version 1809. Is anyone else
experiencing this problem?

I upgraded to 1809 about five days ago to get the latest version of
narrator and I am just noticing this problem.

Randy Meyer

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