reading column titles automatically in excel 2010 with jaws 2018/2019

William Windels


It would be nice if the column-titles in a excel file could be spoken automatically while navigating into tables.

e.g. if I am in row 73 of column t of a table, I would hear the column-title.


With jaws 2018, insert+alt+shift+c should do the job but not automatically.

But, when I do insert+alt+shift+c, I hear no column title.

I don’t understand this message since the first row of the document has cel-content that I can use to filter a column.


I have tried something in the quick settings of jaws2018 but the column-headers aren’t spoken.


I don’t know if this is possible and if so, what kind of settings the excel 2010 document should have to let this work.


Many thx for any idea.


Kind regards,

William Windels

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