Re: Problem with Bitlocker

Jeff Christiansen

I would report this.
I have the same problem when unlocking an encrypted thumb drive.
Narrator or NVDA will do the trick but JAWS is useless on this task.
I reported my problem and encourage you to do the same.

Jeff C

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Subject: Re: Problem with Bitlocker


I Have this issue as well, there doesn't seem to be a way to keep the focus in
the password box and I have tried several times.
Not sure but I seem to remember tryin git with narrator and I had similar
Not sure if FreedomScientific will be able to help with this?

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I think it only happens under Windows 10. I haven't found a way to get around
this using JAWS yet.

2019-01-28 17:23 GMT+01:00, Van Lant, Robin via Groups.Io
Hmmm... I have bitlocker for my hard drive at work and do not have
focus issues, but maybe it's different for just a partition.

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Subject: Problem with Bitlocker

Hi all,
does anybody know if it is possible to unlock a Bitlocker partition
with JAWS 2018? Whenever I want to open such a partition the focus
jumps into the password field for a moment but immediately jumps to
another element of the screen. It seems to be impossible to enter a
password there so I have to use NVDA or Narrator to do this right now.

Best regards

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