Re: Reading PDF documents frustrating

Soronel Haetir

In Adobe Reader X bring up the preferences (Edit->Preferences), then
on the Internet page make sure "Display PDF in browser" is not

The layout might be slightly different with other versions but I
believe this particular setting has been fairly stable so it shouldn't
be too hard to find.

On 1/23/12, Nickus de Vos <> wrote:
Up to now I've been using adobe reader to read all my pdf documents
weather it's saved ebooks on my pc or pdf docs straight from the
internet. My big frustration is the pdf's opening in internet explorer
when clicking a link on the web, this sometimes works out but other
times I can't read the document at all, I just can't get it focused or
something. Does anyone have an idea of a setting or something to make
pdf's open in adobe reader by default and not in internet explorer? Or
alternativly do you know of any other pdf reader I can use?


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