Re: realtec hd audio compression

Robert Logue

You can actually get to the tab to turn off all effects from Windows sound settings realtek properties. As with all windows it depends how you get there.

My favorite method is to create a shortcut to sndvol.exe.  Assign a shortcut key like ctr l+alt+v. 

You can also open the volume mixer by using the run command

windows key r. sndvol. enter.

You can also search sndvol from the start menu.

You will land on the main volume control.  Press shift tab once  to get to a button that says the name of the audio device you want to get the control panel properties.  Press space bar to activate it as enter might close the window instead.

When you get to Realtek properties, ctr l+tab to navigate to enhancements.  There is a checkbox to turn off all enhancements there.

If there is a more direct way, please chime in.  I know this topic is kind of old but it might help someone.


On 2018-09-11 4:31 a.m., Isaac wrote:
Hi, i know the realtek control pannel is a real best to navigate to use so can one edit the ini or registry entries to turn off all of the effects, as there is not an option in the sound card properties in the control pannel and the realtek pannel is just a bunch of tabs.

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