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Yes, hitting alt instantly says ‘chromium button” for me using JAWS 2018 and allows access of the menus. JAWS 18 performed exactly the same way.

Like in firefox, if you press f11, this menu disappears and alt will do nothing. So if you hit alt and nothing seems to happen, try this toggle to bring it back.


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On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 08:17 PM, Jed Barton wrote:

Hitting alt by itself doesn't seem to go anywhere.

Provided you are not in the address edit box, ALT will throw focus on to the Chrome Menu button.  NVDA announces "Chrome Menu button" the moment you have focus on that button.  I don't have JAWS handy, but in work I've done with clients I could swear it does the same thing, at least in any of the more recent versions.

I'm now curious if JAWS is not announcing this and, if so, what version or versions aren't doing so?

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