Re: I am having a problem exiting Dropbox

Steve Nutt


You don't do it that way, first you need to change the location in Dropbox
settings. Then Dropbox will move the stuff for you.

All the best


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Subject: I am having a problem exiting Dropbox

Hello everyone:

I would like to move the dropbox folder from drive C to Drive f on my

However, when I open the Task Tray and highlight the Dropbox icon and press
ENTER, to open the Dropbox item, then press the SPACEBAR, to open the "GEAR"

menue item, I cannot find the "Exit" button to close Dropbox, so I can then
move the Dropbox folder to the new location.

I am running Windows 7 Professional and I am using JFW 2018.

Any suggestions will be very helpful.


Dave Durber

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