Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

JM Casey

That might be unavoidable. I have had similar experiences with other programmes. I guess, try not to change screen-readers during a single browsing session. It seems like waterfox (and I believe firefox does this too) runs some kind of detection routine at startup to see if you have a screen-reader running. I don't know what exactly happens when this routine executes, but re-starting (either the browser or screen-reader) does seem to have an effect.

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the problem is if i change screen readers while waterfox is running and go back to jaws the virtual pc cursor functions will stop working until i reload waterfox. then jaws will start working again.
i was trying jawsand n v d a to see if they would work with waterfox.

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From: David Moore
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I am using it well on my 64 bit Windows 10 machine.

I wish I knew why it is not working for you.

Are you pressing enter on the .EXE Waterfox file?

It takes a minute for the browser to come up.

If you press Alt+T and go to options, you can change your settings.

Remember, it does take a minute or more to come up, and for the first time, it
will not show a home page.

You have to type in the URL for your home pages in the Settings.

Take care!

David Moore

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it didn't work with my 64bit windows 7 either.

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Subject: Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

Well, I tried the portable version of Waterfox, and it is completely unusable

on my 32 bit Windows 7 desktop. But at least it was easy to get rid of. I

just chucked it into the recycle bin.


On 2/10/2019 4:27 PM, David Moore wrote:


The advantages that I like with a portable version of a program, is that it

does not leave residue on your computer that is not part of the program.

For example, browsers leave cookies on your computer, which are tiny apps that

make web sites work better. Also, when you install a program, remnants of the

program are scattered around in folders that you do not think about.

Installing a program puts it right on your hard drive, and it leaves a

footprint on your computer.

With the portable program, all bookmarks, browsing history, search history, and

all of that, is saved right in the unzipped portable folder.

You know that everything that browser does, is right in the unzipped folder

instead of on your computer somewhere, on the hard drive.

Also, you can put a portable program on a external storage drive, and just

press enter on the .exe file on that storage device to launch the program.

I keep an SD card on my computer, and I put the portable programs on the SD

card, and even put shortcuts on the desktop, because I leave the SD card in the


That way, you are not taking up space on your hard drive’s storage at all.

I use this little computer with a 28 Gig SSD drive, so space is a minimum on

this little gym.

You can also put the portable program on a USB pin drive, and carry it to where

ever you go, and you can launch it on any computer anywhere.

That is the biggest reason why I like portable programs. That is why NVDA is so

awesome, because you can put it on a pin drive, and take it where ever you go,

and use NVDA on any computer.

That is the power of portable programs.

Have a great one, and please ask any questions.

David Moore

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From: Sieghard Weitzel

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Subject: Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

Just curious, but what advantage is there in running this portable version over

one you install?

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Subject: Re: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

Hi Liz!

The best browser to use with JAWS, for me, has been a browser called:


It was developed in 2012, and it is a spin off of Firefox, but it works tons


It can use all of the classic Firefox plugins, and it is so very fast.

JAWS never messes up in Waterfox. It is kept up to date, and it is very secure.

A new update just came out.

Water fox has an interface that is almost like the old Firefox.

It has a spell check built in and everything.

It has a reading mode where you can get the clutter off the page, and read the


The reading mode is built in.

You just press:

Alt+CTRL+R to put a web site into reading mode.

With JAWS, I would say that Waterfox is my favorite browser.

You can just do a Google search for Waterfox.

What I like as well, is the ability to download a portable version of Waterfox.

I love running a portable version, that I keep on the computer, because you do

not have to install it on the computer. Also, if you keep the portable version

on the computer, you can create a short cut on the desktop just like you can

with installed programs.

I hope this helps.

Take care, Liz.

David Moore

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From: Liz and Hope

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Subject: The best internet browser to use with JAWS.

I am going to be receiving some in depth computer training in preparation for

vocational training services. Since Internet Explorer is no longer secure, what

is the best browser out there that is JAWS friendly? I have used fire fox in

the past, but as of late I have heard mixed views about fire fox.

Liz Ulrich and leader Dog hope


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