setting default browser in windows 10


you can also type in default browser and it will take you directly to the option to change the browser you want to use.
you press enter on the browser that is showing and it will open a list of all the browsers you have installed to choose from.

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All you would have to do is open the Windows search box, type "default apps" or start typing it until you hear "Default apps, system settings, press enter and tab about 5 times. Then press enter or the spacebar, tab to the browser you want as your default and press enter. Now close Settings with Alt + F4 and you are done.

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Somehow last week I found my default browser changed to Edge and I could not
work with it. JAWS just didn't seem to read anything, though a sighted
friend told me I'd got to the website I wanted. He took some time and found
something cqalled Edge Deflecter, which seems to have got rid of Edge, thank


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