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Richard Turner

There is a free chess game from Spoonbill Software, along with many other These are designed to play on your computer. If you have a smart phone; there are accessible chess game apps. Shredder Chess and Chess-Wise 3, at least for iPhones.
Here is Spoonbill's web address:

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On Feb 10, 2019, at 1:56 PM, Edward Green <ergreen1981@...> wrote:

Hi Marilyn,

You have various options for playing chess online, including email, Skype and various chat rooms. You can also play chess against the computer using a variety of free and paid software packages. Fritz is probably the best, though I'm not sure which version works best with JAWS. Winboard was a good free (though basic) alternative, which may still be available.

Assuming you're in the US, it would be worth checking out the US Braille Chess Association website,;data=02%7C01%7C%7C0436c2b523434cac7cfd08d68fa2ac8d%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636854326167555523&amp;sdata=osaoQQi19UiJJtMjv1IRVfXsbGWV8uc%2BUxAOuvw2prc%3D&amp;reserved=0, which provides more details on the various online options.

Other countries (such as the UK where I am) have their own Braille Chess Associations which also run email and over-the-board tournaments, which aren't restricted to people from those countries.



On 10 Feb 2019, at 21:20, Marilyn Bland <tinkerbelltx@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure where to start my search, so perhaps someone on the list can
tell me. I want to know about playing chess on-line or using the computer,
and wonder how Jaws does with facilitating this? While I play on a regular
board, I can't always find partners, and thought this would be a way round
the problem.

I was also told, though I have not been able to verify this, that there is
an actual board that can be activated using speech software. Are the on-line
games accessible for Jaws users?

Are there chess players on this list? Any information would be greatly
appreciated. If I need to find a different list for my questions, I would
appreciate references to them.

Many thanks.


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