Re: Accessibility of Versus Wordpress on a Hosted Site

Steve Nutt



The other way you can do that on pages, is to change from Visual to Text.


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Subject: Re: Accessibility of Versus Wordpress on a Hosted Site



In my experience with, which is what I use to compose and publish my Web site, I have not been charged any fees for pointing my domains to a page. I actually own three domains, which all point to my main page on and I've had no issues in doing this. My domains are registered using Namecheap.

While I don't mind using the rich text editor I know there is also a way to compose using a standard editor with HTML code. These two editors can be changed by selecting the appropriate radio button on the composer screen.

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On 2/7/2019 6:19 PM, Hope Williamson wrote:

The only thing I dislike about is that it makes you use the rich text editor. Oh that and they charge for domains, even if they're already registered. In other words, they charge a fee for you to point the domain there. They also charge you if you want to use plugins, or change your theme using HTML in any way.
    I'd stick with the hosted site. That way you can install any plugins and/or custom tweaks you want without paying extra, other than your yearly hosting fee of course.

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