Accessibility of Versus Wordpress on a Hosted Site

Richard B. McDonald



I am wondering about the level of accessibility of 1) putting up a blog on directly versus 2) having Wordpress installed onto a hosted site and blogging their?  To illustrate this difference, in the first case, the URL would be something like “”  In the second case, the URL would be something like “”  That URL difference does not, per say, have anything to do with the accessibility of the website as far as using Wordpress to blog.  It just illustrates the difference between the two approaches.  On the one hand, going directly to is free whereas the hosted site would involve some minor fees; but that is not critical here.  The hosted site (e.g., is professionally managed, is itself decently accessible and has great customer service.  And, the hosted site has “one click” installation of Wordpress scripts and also keeps that installation constantly up to date.  I do like the simplicity of having a clean URL like as I would have with the hosted site, though.  So, the central question here is if there is much of an accessibility difference between these two different approaches?




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