Re: Selecting noncontiguous folders from list in File Explorer

Delaunay Christophe

Hi John,


Did you try to press and hold the <ctrl> key while moving in the folder with the arrow keys? And when you want to select the element you are on, just press the space bar. Release the <ctrl> key only when you are finished with selecting all the elements you want.


Note: If you press an arrow key once more after having released the <ctrl> key, the selection is cancelled.


I do it all the time on windows 7. I had occasions to do it on a windows 8.1 computer but only can hope it still works the same in windows 10.


HTH. Have a nice day. Chris D


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Subject: Selecting noncontiguous folders from list in File Explorer



I just can’t remember how to select a group of noncontiguous folders from a folder list in File Explorer.

Can someone please refresh me?

If needed, I am using Windows 10 with JAWS 2019.





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