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What do you mean it copied it into your message. Maybe explain a bit more what exactly it is, what type of file, is it a picture, a word document, a text document?

Also, where in the message were you when you pressed Control + V? This method definitely works because I often send several emails a day with attachments and this is what I do and it is 100% reliable. I can copy one file to the clipboard or I can copy 2 or 3 or 10 and paste them all at once and they all become attachments to the message.

You can also do it the complicated way:

1. When you have started your email, put in the recipients address, typed in the subject and then typed your message press Alt + H followed by A and F, that is Alt + H for the “Home” menu, then “A” for attach” and “F” for File”.

2. In the dialogue that now comes up you can see if you can locate your file in the recents list or press Shift + Tab once to “Browse This PC”, this will open a standard “open file” dialogue where you can press Shift + Tab again a few times to get into your folder tree view, locate the folder where you saved the file and then locate the file.

3. Once you found the file you can just press enter and it will be attached. Trust me, the copy and paste method first described is much easier.




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I copied the file but when I hit control +V it only copied it into my message.





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Generally speaking, you can open your My documents folder and copy the file with Control C.  If you need to navigate to it, you can open file explorer with the Windows key E, then Shift Tab once to the tree view and arrow down to documents.  Hit space bar or enter, then tab once back to the file list.   






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Subject: Sending attachments Outlook 2016




I would like to send an email and attach a file from my documents …… I’m using Jaws 18 and Outlook 2016.


Would somebody please tell me how to do this? …… Thank you for any help.





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