Re: looking for others using Jaws 2019 and track changes in Word 2016

Amy Bower

there are many functions that I can still use successfully with Jaws 2019, Word 2016 and track changes. The only thing that seems broken to me is that when I am reading through a revised document, Jaws reads both the deleted and inserted text. In the past, Jaws read only the new text. Now that it is reading both, it can be quite impossible to figure out if revisions have been entered correctly. the text is very difficult to understand. For example, if the original text was I went to the store yesterday, and the word yesterday was deleted and replaced with today, Jaws would read, I went to the store yesterdaytoday. In the past, Jaws would just read the new version of the sentence, I went to the store today.   Hope this makes sense. I've tried every setting of how changes are displayed:  simple markup, no markup, etc, and get the same result every time. I'm using the retail version of Office, not the subscription version (365), which might be part of the problem. I read that there are now separate scripts for 365 and retail Office guess is that the scripts for retail Word 2016 (called Classic) are broken. 

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