Re: Jaws2018 website How to pause video ?


if you turn off the virtual pc cursor you will have access to all of the control shortcut keys.
j, k , l for rewind, pause and fast forward.
if you have a desktop keyboard the extended left and right arrow will also rewind and fast forward. the up and down arrows will increase or decrease the volume.
i don't know the shortcuts for a laptop keyboard.

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Yes, there is a pause button.

You can find it by pressing “b” until you get to the series of player controls.

Or, just use the find command and search for the word “pause”.

Or, turn the virtual cursor off with insert-z and press the letter k.

If you can’t hear something, you can always press ctrl-m to mute the sound until you find what you are looking for, and then unmute with ctrl-m again.

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Subject: Jaws2018 website How to pause video ?

Hello All I have jaws2018 and desktop computer window10 !! When I opens youtube website in firefox browser ,when I search for the song with video I notice when the video playing I don’’t want to press ctrl m for mute I want to pause the video so I can down arrow to share to facebook . Is there a pause button on youtube website? How can I pause the video? I’m hearing impairment wear hearing aid Iwhile video playing I have try arrow down to see if I can hear pause but can’t do it while video playing so I can hear pause



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