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Jason White

If applications are running more slowly than you would like, it would be best to find out why before investing in any new hardware.

If I recall correctly, Performance Monitor will show you how much your CPU, memory and storage are being used over time. Some of the same information is in Task Manager as well.

On 2/2/19 2:06 PM, Michael Munn wrote:
Thanks so much for the detail. i really appreciate it.
I got this laptop in DECEMBER of 2015. It's the current generation at that point. 

I just want to know about the information of the laptop that I'm currently using. 
Thanks again. 
Best regards 
Michael Munn 

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And if you are gaming over the internet and you are on a 6 Mbps ADSL connection a super-fast computer with the latest processor and 32Gb of RAM won’t do you much good. Computers are a system and they are made up of various components and they all play a roll. To again use my car example from the previous email, the high-end Mercedes or BMW which can go 160 or 180 miles an hour won’t do you much good if you are taking the Road to Hanna on Maui. For those who don’t know of it, it’s a 2-lane highway which over a distance of just over 64 miles has approximately 620 curves many of them hairpin turns and you can rarely go faster than 30 miles an hour. In this case that highway would be equivalent to your internet connection speed. I can take my 7-year old laptop on my 275 Mbps fiber connection and download things a lot faster than somebody with the latest 9th generation I7 system on a much slower connection.


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all depends on what you are doing. If you're into gaming on line real-time over the internet, then you need one heck of a lot more speed and memory. So it really depends. You're better off than if you still had an Apple II+ with 64k RAM and a 6052 processor.


What I'm saying is that this is a very open-ended question, and your answers will vary. For now, you have plenty, and actually more memory than I have, but then I'm a senior citizen.


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Hi all, this is Michael. 

Today I checked the processor of my HP laptop and here is the information I get for the processor:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz   2.20 GHz

Installed memory (RAM): 8.00 GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor 

Is 2.2 GHZ enough? and how fast can it run? 

All comment and answers are greatly appreciate it.

best regards 

Michael Munn 

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