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You could just open your web browser, go to if that is not your home page and type your currency conversion request, e.g. 100 us dollars in euros or, if you know the currency symbols, you could simply type 100 usd in eur.

After pressing enter press the ‘h” quick nav key until you hear “Heading level 2, Currency Converter”, now down arrow and your result is right there. Of course if you have an iPhone, a Google Home speaker or an Amazon Echo probably works too, you could simply ask “Hey Google, how many Euros is 100 us dollars”.



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Ya got to type it in exactly as it requires, based on the description field. I always have to look at that section before I try to use it.


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There is one problem that I still have with in the research it feature is the currency  converter in jaws. Everytime i input something in to the search box and press tab  then hit the down arrow key until I fine the  currency converter and press enter Jaws will say no result. 


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