Re: Jaws 2019 January update - ResearchIt Broken?


And you have Google Chrome as your default browser?
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So far have only tried weather and it seems to be working fine for me.




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Anyone tried using ResearchIt after the January update to JAWS 2019? It now
uses your default browser instead of deferring to Internet Explorer. Well I
use Google Chrome as my default, and now ResearchIt fails to work with any
of the searches. See if anyone agrees.

Oregonite, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer



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Subject: Re: Jaws 2019 January update, was: Problem using Word 2016


Have you gone to the Freedom Scientific website to leave a request for this?

Click on the Support link, then go to the technical support link and activate it, then find the link for Have feedback regarding the quality of our products or services

Use heading level 1 to find “Product quality feedback”, it will say “We welcome any suggestions you have that will help improve our products and provide better service. Please be as specific as you can with information in

the Comments field“

Below this is a simple form where you fill in your name, email address, select the product from a combo box and then write a comment.





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Subject: Re: Jaws 2019 January update, was: Problem using Word 2016


I would love to see the addition of Batch Scan support for convenient OCR.


On 1/31/2019 11:25 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

The Jaws 2019 January update was just released this morning, version 2019.1901.66, maybe see if it makes a difference in Word. The main new feature which was added is a new option in the Jaws menu to sample, add and remove Vocalizer voices, here is the direct download link for the universal 32 and 64 Bit installer and the what's new information:


Jaws 2019.1901.66 direct download link


Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1901.66 (January 2019)


The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2019 between the December 2018 update and the January 2019 update.

To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page . You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.


Add/Remove Vocalizer Expressive Voices


This new utility included in the latest releases of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion provides a solution to seamlessly sample and install or remove the Vocalizer

Expressive 2 voices used by all three products. This avoids the need to download anything from external pages and makes the entire process much easier across all products. And remember, once voices are set up for one product, there is no need to install them again for the other products.


From the JAWS main window, press ALT+O to open the Options menu, expand the Voices submenu, and then select Add/Remove Voices to open the Add/Remove Vocalizer Expressive Voices utility.


This dialog includes:

• Language specific list of currently available Vocalizer Expressive 2 Premium voices.

• Ability to select and Install as many voices as you would like right from the list.

• See what voices are already installed as you review the list.

• Hear a sample of the currently focused voice in the list before deciding if you want to select it to be installed. To play a sample, just press ALT+P while focused on the voice name in the list.

• Option to uninstall one or more voices.

• Option to uninstall all voices.

• Option to uninstall only the compact voices that had been previously installed.


Note: If you remove a voice that is currently in use, your JAWS, Fusion, or ZoomText will continue to speak using that voice until you restart the software or reboot the computer. Once you restart, it will default to the next profile available.

If there are no more Vocalizer Expressive Voices available, JAWS and Fusion will default back to Eloquence.


In JAWS and Fusion, after installing a premium voice, a profile is created for each of those new individual voices which can be further customized using the Voice Adjustment dialog box. You can also easily switch between all the new voices by pressing CTRL+INSERT+S to open the Select a Voice Profile dialog box, pressing the first letter of the voice you want to use, and then pressing ENTER. If you prefer not to have a profile generated for each installed voice, open the Voice Adjustment dialog box and clear the "Enable Additional Voice Profiles for installed Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices" check box so that only the standard Vocalizer Expressive factory and user profiles are listed.


If you find that compact voice collections had previously been installed, there is also an option to remove all compact voices. This is especially beneficial for users of Fusion or ZoomText 2018 or later which installs dozens of the compact voices by default. If you do not need all of these voices and languages, this makes it easy to remove all compact voices at once.


Improved Kindle Support


We have made several improvements to performance when using JAWS with the Kindle for PC app from Amazon. In particular, you can now do the following while reading a book:


• Use U  or SHIFT+U  to move to the next or prior link in a book.

• Use N  or SHIFT+N  to move to the next or prior block of text that is not a link.

• Use INSERT+UP ARROW  or INSERT+NUM PAD 5  twice quickly to spell the current line or word just like in other applications.

• Press INSERT+PAGE DOWN to read the Kindle status bar.


In addition, JAWS now announces when you move to a new page while reading.


Other Changes


• In a Remote Desktop or Citrix connection, resolved an issue with speech not being interrupted as expected when pressing CTRL  or when typing.

• JAWS now correctly reads emojis in messages you receive in Outlook.

• Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading as expected when attempting to select an address from the Autocomplete list in an Outlook message.

• When switching views in the Outlook calendar, removed extraneous speech so that only details for the current view are announced.

• You can now configure whether or not levels are announced when navigating Word documents or Outlook emails, such as when moving in and out of lists. To toggle this feature, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V ) and navigate to "Outline Level Indication."

• If you hear the buzzer sound while typing in Word or Outlook to indicate a misspelled word, when you manually correct or delete the word, JAWS now plays a ding sound to indicate the error has been corrected. With this feature enabled, JAWS also indicates spelling errors in documents as you navigate. If you prefer not to have JAWS indicate misspellings as you navigate, or you want to know about spelling errors, but you do not want to be alerted as you

type and make a correction, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V ), turn off the "Spelling Buzzer on mistyped words" option, and then you will be able to configure the "Spelling Error Detection" setting.

• When attempting to insert a symbol in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected while navigating the available symbols.

• Resolved issues with table navigation as well as columns not being reported correctly in certain non-uniform tables in Word

• When doing a Say All ( INSERT+DOWN ARROW ) in Word 2013, addressed a customer reported issue where text was being skipped if a page break was encountered.

• Links selected in Research It results now open in the user's default web browser.

• Resolved a reported issue where position information in lists was not being announced as expected when the "Announce Position and Count when navigating in lists" option in the Configure Verbosity Levels section of Settings Center was disabled. When this option is off, JAWS should only announces position information when the list first gains focus or when pressing INSERT+UP ARROW or INSERT+TAB .

• Resolved customer reported issues in Adobe Reader where JAWS was repeating table column titles multiple times and was not always reading the first line of a new page if the previous page ended with a list.

• Addressed a reported issue in Adobe Reader where keystrokes such as CTRL+PAGE UP  or PAGE DOWN  to move by page were not working in certain PDF documents.

• Addressed a reported issue where JAWS language auto detection was not working in PDF documents.

• Addressed an issue in Chrome where bulleted list items were being shown with the bullet on a separate line from the content.

• When you activate the JAWS Quick Keys mode in Google Docs ( INSERT+SPACEBAR, Q ), you can now press M  or SHIFT+M  to move to the next or previous spelling error. In addition, you can now press QUESTION MARK  to display help for this layer.

• Resolved an issue where JAWS was saying "0 of minus 1" while navigating combo boxes in Internet Explorer or when using Virtual Ribbons in Office.

• Resolved reported issues using JAWS with the iManage desksite software.

• JAWS now includes a Czech language braille table which can be selected in the Computer Braille Tables dialog box in Settings Center.


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Subject: Re: Problem using Word 2016


I have this problem whenst moving word by word;

Jaws2019 word2016 and windows 10;

Jaws will say nothing as I ctrol-left and right arrows;,

Like it loses its place or something.



Mike mcglashon

Email: Michael.mcglashon@...

Ph: 618 783 9331


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Subject: Re: Problem using Word 2016


JAWS2019 is struggling with Word for me, as well  sometimes it reports that

a page is blank, when NVDA and Narrator can read a pageful of text.

Unload/reload is the only solution I have found.

At 09:05 AM 1/31/2019, you wrote:

>Hello, For some reason I will be in Word 2016 and Outlook 2016. I'm

>using Windows10 and Jaws 2018. I will flip back and forth between word

>and outlook. Eventually Jaws has a hard time reading when I arrow up or

>down. Sometimes I can read the line and sometimes it cannot. Many times

>I cann't even move word by word. I can unload Jaws and reload and the

>problem goes away for a few minutes. Then it comes back and unloading

>Jaws doesn't work. I then have to close out of everything and reboot.

>What could be causing this problem.

>Microsoft accessibility cannot determine what is causing the problem.

>Thanks, Kevin









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