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Good Morning,
I am a software developer for a online training company and I am adding accessibility to our training framework. I have an "issue" that I would like some support on as I dont know the JAWS reader that well. Can you read the description below and let me know if this is a feature of JAWS, a bug with JAWS or a bug in my software. Thank you for your time!

  1. This is an online website built with standard html code
  2. The user can press the tab button to navigate around the site to the button and the onscreen text
  3. The user tabs to a block of text and JAWS reads out the text
  4. The user presses tab again and the focus changes to a hyperlink within that paragraph
  5. If the link is located at the start of the paragraph JAW will read "Google Link" - as this a hyperlink that opens the google search engine in a new window
  6. However if the link is located past a certain point in the paragraph Jaws not read "Google Link" - it will read the start of the paragraph and eventually read out "Google link" as well.
Is this expected behavior or is there an issue?

thanks so much for your time.


John Enright

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