Re: For a friend Jaws 2019 How to turns off jaws 2019 to run jaws 2018 ?

Ashleigh Piccinino

To get draws 2018 to come on all the time, do this. When running draws 2018, go to the start up wizard. The hockey for this, is all age for the help menu when you have gotten into the jaws window. After that, arrow up Until you hear jaws say, “start up wizard…“Then,Press enter to move to the next page. Tab until you hear jaws say Stark draws at the logon screen. This is a combo box, and you should aero to always for this user. After that, keep pressing enter the page through without changing anything. When you have closed the start up wizard, what I would do, is turn off the PC. Turn it back on again, and see if jaws 2018 is the version that’s running. Need anymore help? Feel free to contact either me or anyone else on this group. I was glad to help.
Ashleigh S Piccinino

On Jan 30, 2019, at 3:05 PM, O.Addison Gethers <> wrote:

Hi When she unload jaws 2019 then press window R type in jaws2018 when
she shut down her computer or restart computer jaws 2019 come back on
instead of jaws 2018 I hope I say it right.

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Hi Addison,

My favorite way to quit Jaws is to hit Insert+F4 which puts you on the
OK button to quit Jaws. Then use Windows+R to bring up thee Run dialogue
and type "jaws" (no quotes) and the version number you want to start,
such as jaws2018.



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