Changing the sound when JAWS detects a misspelled word

Ashleigh Piccinino


     I’ve received the latest update to JAWS 2019. However, I don’t like one of the sounds it uses for notifying you of a misspelled word, when you backtrack to it. I think it’s the hammer sound, and it will get pretty annoying, I’d say to listen to very much. How can I find what sounds are used for denoting misspelled words and that sort of thing? I’m using Microsoft Word through my Office 365 subscription, so it’s probably up-to-date. However, I’d like to change the sound back to the buzzer during a backtrack to a misspelled word. I think that’s what it was before this JAWS update, so would like it back. If it can’t be changed, no Biggy. I just wanted to use something else than the hammer.

Thank you,

Ashleigh Piccinino

P.S. If I am not explaining clearly, please check with others on the JAWS and Win10 groups to see if they have better explanations.


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