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I think we all understand that essentially Edge, if the name stays, will become a different browser from what it is now. But anything else is just semantics, I could argue that “Edge is a dead end” is an incorrect statement because once Edge becomes a Chromium based browser it might turn out to be really good, maybe just as good as Chrome or better and hence “Edge” is not a dead end. You argue it’s a dead end in it’s current form and given the current technology used, but as I said, it’s just words.


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On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 12:39 PM, Mario wrote:

it will retain the name of Edge. it's just the code base
that will use a derivation of Chrome's called Anaheim

That they'll retain the name Edge is irrelevant.  The Edge browser that's been on Windows 10 up to and including Version 1809 is not, in any way, the same or even vaguely similar to what will replace it, even if the replacement is called Edge.  That code base change is monumental.

My central point is we're talking about 2 completely different programs, even if they share a brand name.

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