Re: For a friend Jaws 2019 How to turns off jaws 2019 to run jaws 2018 ?

O.Addison Gethers

Thank you,she just got new desktop computer window 10 and installed jaws 2018 on dec.7th 2018 !! She did not have no computer after her last desktop computer with window xp in 2012 or 2013 when she was using jaws 7 so she thanks someone who brought new desktop with window 10 so that was her first ime used jaws2018 after e days later her computer tower fall down on the floor she didn't have computer desk to put computer tower on so computer tower was messed up bad on hard drive so she want to get experience with jaws 2018 for 6 months and switch back to jaws 2019 !! Does she need to do the same for jaws2019 before she unload jaws2019 ?
Then she can go back to jaws2018

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So she wants to switch permanently to 2018. Once she gets to Jaws 2018
go to the Jaws menu and hit Enter, then enter on Options, then Basics,
then tab a couple times to Automatically start Jaws, hit Enter and
follow the prompts. Make sure to go all the way to OK before restarting
the computer. But I agree with Dave--this should not be necessary. I
wonder what's wrong with 2019?


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