For a friend Jaws 2019 How to turns off jaws 2019 to run jaws 2018 ?

O.Addison Gethers

Hello All  My friend just had new desktop computer with window 10  in December 8,2018  then with jaws 2018  then 2 or 3 day later her computer tower fall down on the floor messed up her hard drive real bad  so 4 day later the person who brought the new desktop computer had to call Dell computer so computer tower was stilled under the warranty . When she got computer tower back on Dec.23,2018 from Dell company  someone download and installed jaws 2019 without her knowledge she haven’t used jaws 2018 to get experience to use jaws 2018 ,her question is How can she stop or turns off jaws 2019 to turns on jaws 2018 ?



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