Re: how do you get screen shot of a web page?


I need to save this after I put it out here today:

For Any version of Windows:

  1. PrtSc (Print Screen) key captures a full-screen screenshot to the clipboard.
  2. ALT+PrtSc captures a windowed screenshot (e.g, only your non-maximized File Explorer, or web browser, or dialog box with focus) to the clipboard.
You can then open any program of your choosing where an image is paste-able and paste away.  Save if necessary, and it probably will be.

For Windows 10:
  1. WinKey+PrtSc will take a full screen screenshot.  This will be placed in the Pictures library, Screenshots folder, in PNG file format.  Files will be named Screenshot(N), where N will be populated with integer numbers starting with 1.
  2. WinKey+ALT+PrtSc will take a windowed screenshot.  This will be placed in the Videos library, Captures folder, in PNG file format.  Files will be named based upon the window title or dialog title coupled with a date-time stamp after that.  [On every machine I've dealt with so far, these screenshots involve the use of Xbox, indirectly, and they've always ended up in Videos\Captures.]


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