Using JAWS with MS Access

Brooks Rimes

Looks like the last post on this topic was years ago.  I'm an experienced Access developer doing pro bono for an organization with visually impaired employees.  I've overcome a very problems I can share here.  This is a VBA code snippet that works.  You'll need to set a reference to the FS library.

    Dim myobject As JawsApi

   Set myobject = New JawsApi

   myobject.SayString "hello"

Also, Access forms have 2 modes: Edit and Navigation.  Edit mode is the default and JAWS will not say the data values in textboxes in this mode.  You can switch to Navigation mode by placing this code in the Open event of a form: Application.SetOption "Behavior entering field", 0 ' Select entire field

Now, some of the things driving me crazy:

  1. 1.       When using the Left or Right Arrow keys, JAWS says what sounds like “wrench”.  It’s probably not wrench.  Maybe something similar.  I need to suppress this.


    2.       After JAWS says the data in a field, it then says “hypertext”.  I have no idea why.  Access does have a hypertext property for textboxes but it is set to “no”.  Example: after saying “Radiologist”, JAWS says “hypertext”.  I need to suppress this.

    Any thoughts or help appreciated.


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