Re: Best way to fill out PDF files

Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Hi James,

Don't forget about the option of working with an Aira agent to receive
sighted assistance.

Aira agents can not only help with reading and filling out inaccessible PDF
forms, but they can even help with the signing and mailing them where they
need to go.

If you are not yet an Aira explorer, please visit or email me directly at with any questions.



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Subject: Best way to fill out PDF files

I am a professional in the legal field and I have to fill out legal PDF
documents. What is the best way to read PDF documents that are fillable PDF
in an accurate manner? When I use Adobe and jaws the form is read out loud
but the boxes to fill-in are out of order with the labels. Does anyone have
a way to accurately read PDF files and fill them out correctly? Perhaps the

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