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Hi, Jed. Don't press SHIFT Down Arrow. Press ALT Down Arrow. It also matters which browser you are using. You might also want to try ALT plus Down Arrow at the combo box, then press the end key, and arrow back up to U.S. This will take less time than arrowing down to the countries beginning with U.

Bill White

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Hey guys,

OK, so something must be going on with the government
website. I am trying to fill out an app. So most of it i can fill
out. However, in the work experience section, it wants you to select
the country where you worked. So i'm trying to select the US from the
dropdown. Jaws isn't happy with the dropdown. It tells me press up
and down arrow to navigate. I press the down arrow, and it crawls
through the page, where i have to select from over 200 countries. So
i hit U for US, and it doesn't go there. Any ideas on what to do? I
tried pressing shift down arrow, and it said list box, then nothing.
I have to get this application filled out. Any ideas?



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