Jaws key question

David Pearson

Howdy all:

Using a half-kwerty keyboard as can only type with one hand, and was exploring possibility of "sticking" my insert key to make the virtual pc cursor feature toggle on/off easier as typing some letterz requires depressing spacebar such as needing to depress it at same time as a / key to type the letter z(as well as the insert/Jaws) and this entire set of presses would be hard to execute with my digits-would need a couple more of them to accomplish this.

Am told that the Caps lock key does "stick, but would require re-mapping of keyboard to pc layout(currently using desktop pc and have become somewhat familiar/comfortable with this for most of my needs.

Was exploring possibility of using either the insert/Caps lock key mainly to toggle the virtual pc cursor feature on/off to navigate complete Youtube keyboard controls but concerned that switch to laptop key layout may affect my other keyboard key configuration. Is this a valid concern?

I guess that what this novel boils down to is this:

Is the sticky feature keyboardor Jaws(using latest version) dependent?

Most sincerely,

David S. Pearson

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