unable to make jaws read a file RE: can't save a pdf file

Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi all,
Following Jed's question, I would like to pose a similar problem. For some reason, when I open a pdf file in Acrobat DC on my lenovo, it comes up as "blank", or so jaws tells, with neither the display, nor jaws actually reading the text. This happens on all pdfs, so there's no question of affecting just scanned files. Running jaws2018, latest win10, and latest acrobat dc. If I use aby to convert it into word, it works fine, but this is not always my best bet, if I want to do something quickly. I understand someone else has raised this in the past, but would be grateful for any experience that solved this. I have settings in "infer reading order."
Kindest regards, Takis

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Hey guys,
I am running win 10, and the latest version of jfw. I'm trying to
edit a pdf. So i can type in the fields. However i go to save as,
and i can't type in a new file name. When i start tabbing around,
jaws says nothing. What am i missing?



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