Re: How do I get to a notification balloon that momentarily pops-up?

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It is also possible to change the period of time that popup notifications remain on the screen. They may only stick around for five seconds, which I believe is the default, but this period of time can be lengthened to as much as five minutes before the notification is sent off to the action center.

This adjustment can be found under Settings, Ease of Access, then go to Display. Tab through this dialog and you will find a combo box with the title "show notifications for" and you can then adjust the period of time that they'll stay around.

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On 1/20/2019 4:28 AM, Artur Räpp wrote:

Have you tried left-click with jaws shortly after the notification? With older Windows and JAWS after 5 seconds. It wasn't important where to click, just click with JAWS keyboard command Left click (numpad / or jaws key+8 if you are using laptop layout).

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Sometimes, a notification balloon pops-up telling me about something on my PC.  For a sighted person, they would click on the balloon and would then be taken to the relevant thing.  In JAWS 2018, how can I get to the balloon notification to review it and activate (click on) it?

I am using Windows 10--


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