Re: Jaws 2018 How to do remoted assistance with jaws?

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Ok and thanks Brian



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If you want your sighted assistant to be able to either just see what's going on, or to have full control over your machine while working together, Jonas has given you excellent advice:  Quick Assist, which is built-in to Windows 10.    If you hit the Windows Key and start typing just the word Quick then Quick Assist is almost certain to be the first item returned in the search.

I have used this a number of times when providing remote support.  What's interesting is that sometimes I would get the screen reader voice output through my own speakers and other times I wouldn't, not that I needed it.  There is not a voice component to Quick Assist (or if there is I didn't use it), so I always have a simultaneous phone call going on over speakerphone so that both sides of the session can talk to one another as needed.

If both sides needed JAWS, then JAWS Tandem is the way to go.


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