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Denis Sariyannis <denis.sariyannis@...>

I'm using JAWS 2019 and Windows 10. It happens on both of my laptops.
So far I realized it in Outlook 365 and in Chrome. It is a sound that
sounds a bit like a piece of paper getting teared or something.

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2019-01-17 16:13 GMT+01:00, Mario <>:

what screen reader/version are you using, and does it occur in all
programs or a specific one?

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Subject: Spell check while typing text

Hi all,
in several apps like Chrome and Outlook there is a sound played as soon
as I type a word that contains a spelling mistake and press space. I
like that but I'd like to adjust it a bit.
I thought I could set it up in the Speech and Sound Schemes but there
are no sounds configured and the learning mode does not give any
information when typing a word containing an error.
So I guess it's not the Speech and Sound Scheme that is responsible for
this functionality.
Do you have any idea where this behavior comes from and if it is

Thanks and best regards

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