Re: How do I access Jaws settings center?

Edward Green

Hi David,

You have a couple of ways to access Settings Center.

You can press JAWS key+f2 to bring up a list of JAWS managers. From here, arrow down to Settings center and press enter.

Alternatively you can press JAWS key+6 to open the Settings Center directly. Note that that's the 6 on the number row of your keyboard, not a function key as per the previous command.

Once in the Settings Center, you have a search box and a tree view. The tree view lets you explore the different settings, though there are rather a lot of them.

If you know roughly what setting you want to change, the search box is a useful way to narrow the tree view so that it only shows relevant results.

When you open the Settings Center, settings pertaining to the relevant Windows application will be loaded ready for modification. If you want your changes to settings to apply across the board, I.E. beyond the application you're currently in, press shift+control+d to load the default settings.



On 17 Jan 2019, at 22:00, David Pearson <> wrote:

Hi all:

"Tech-challenged" member would appreaceiate detailed steps on accessing the Jaws settings center.


David S. Pearson

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